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5th of February 2016 01:08 PM Link
Our talented guitarist/songwriter Mr. Mikko Kolari is celebrating his birthday today and the whole HG crew would like to congratulate him:


You can join the party tonight in Vernissa (Vantaa) where we'll perform with Crib45 and The Chant.
Doors open 2000
The Chant 2115
Crib45 2215
Hanging Garden 2315
4th of February 2016 10:31 AM Link
We're pleased to announce that we've made it to the finals at Terra Relictas album of the year contest! http://www.terrarelicta.com/index.php/featured/dark-music-awards/terra-relicta-awards-2015/5584-dark-music-awards-2015-the-finals
3rd of February 2016 08:05 AM Link
Here's some footage from our latest gig at Nosturi
30th of January 2016 08:50 PM Link
Blackout Whiteout is nominated as the best dark album of the year 2015. Vote now at
You'll find Blackout Whiteout in group 1.
28th of January 2016 12:34 PM Link
Photo by Tuomas Puikkonen
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25th of January 2016 01:01 PM Link
Awesome pictures from our gig on Saturday at Nosturi by the talented Tuomas Puikkonen!
24th of January 2016 12:24 AM Link
Tired but happy. Thank you Helsinki! See you soon...

5.2. Vernissa Whiteout (with The Chant and Crib45)
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23rd of January 2016 06:44 PM Link
Live now at Nosturi! Photo by @aleksimunter
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23rd of January 2016 02:47 PM
Remeber to arrive early today as we play already at 18.30 at Nosturi.

Huom! Saapukaa ajoissa Nosturiin tänään sillä soitamme jo 18.30
23rd of January 2016 12:56 PM Link
Thank you Lahti!

Last show with Swallow the Sun (and LIK - Sthlm) today at Nosturi, Helsinki. It will be an early show:

1800 Doors open
1830 Hanging Garden
1915 LIK
2000 Swallow the Sun

Don't be late!
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22nd of January 2016 07:28 PM Link
Tänään Lahti! Showtime klo 21.

Blackout Whiteout vinyylit vihdoin myynnissä. Tsekkaa sen kunniaksi metalliluolan haastattelu levyn teosta.

21st of January 2016 09:54 PM Link
Two weeks ago @ Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki... It was freezing but we had a blast!

We continue tomorrow in Lahti and on Saturday in Helsinki with Swallow the Sun and LIK - Sthlm. Unfortunately our multitalented bass/moog specialist Jussi K. is forced to sit out these shows but lucky for us we have mr. Kimmo Tukiainen from The Chant and Diablerie to help us out.
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18th of January 2016 02:32 PM Link
Since there are lots of new faces here on our fb page we wanted to remind you to check out the Backwoods Sessions videos. This is Whiteout.

Come see us live with Swallow the Sun and LIK - Sthlm in

22.1. Lahti, Finlandia-klubi
23.1. Helsinki, Nosturi (early showtime, we play 1830!!!)
17th of January 2016 01:04 PM Link
Hei Lahti! Hei Helsinki!

Kuten Swallow the Sunin Mikko videolla toteaa, eilinen Oulun keikka oli loppuunmyyty ja tunnelma katossa. Tulkaa tekin ensi viikolla sankoin joukoin (ja ajoissa) paikalle. Helsingissä kyseessä siis alkuillan keikka.

22.1. LAHTI showtime:

2015 LIK
2100 Hanging Garden
2200 Swallow the Sun

23.1. HELSINKI showtime

1830 Hanging Garden
1915 LIK
2000 Swallow the Sun
14th of January 2016 08:04 PM Link
F I N A L L Y ! ! !
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14th of January 2016 10:50 AM Link
Some footage from our latest trip with Swallow the Sun and End Time Design.
11th of January 2016 09:59 AM Link
Kaaoszinen raporttia Rytmikorjaamolta.
10th of January 2016 12:30 PM Link
First leg of the Finnish tour with Swallow the Sun... done!
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10th of January 2016 01:07 AM Link
Hanging Garden ain't nothing to...
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9th of January 2016 11:14 PM Link
Today's gig was easily one of the best so far. Thank you Seinäjoki! Photo by Timo Hanhikangas.
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9th of January 2016 04:32 PM Link
Behind the scenes: exclusive backstage footage from Tampere. Do you recognize the artist we're listening?
9th of January 2016 04:19 PM Link
At backstage entrance. #rytmikorjaamo #seinäjoki
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9th of January 2016 12:56 PM Link
A little engine trouble on the road.
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8th of January 2016 10:50 PM Link
Post-gig. Chilling out. Backstage. Tampere.
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8th of January 2016 07:42 PM Link
Orange is the new black?
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8th of January 2016 05:27 PM Link
Tonight at Tampere (Klubi). Showtime 2045.
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7th of January 2016 10:40 PM Link
Soundcheck in progress - thank you #turku !
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7th of January 2016 07:43 AM Link
Tänään Turus... Katotaan hyydytäänkö pakkaseen😕
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6th of January 2016 09:37 PM Link
Last rehearsals done! But nobody wants to go out... -23 degrees!

Tomorrow (with Swallow the Sun) in Turku, Friday Tampere and Saturday Seinäjoki. It's not going to get much warmer so if you're coming to the shows take care of each other. See ya!
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6th of January 2016 07:14 PM Link
A surprised drummer...
2nd of January 2016 07:02 PM Link
Friday's pedal madness à la Hanging Garden!
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28th of December 2015 06:56 PM Link
Holidays are well spent rehearsing for the gigs.
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28th of December 2015 12:40 PM Link
Jussi H. picked his TOP 3 albums for 2015:

1. Leprous: The Congregation
2. Puscifer: Money Shot
3. The Moth Gatherer: The Earth Is the Sky

Which albums were your favorites?
28th of December 2015 11:46 AM Link
We're supporting Swallow the Sun on their Finnish tour in January - see you there!
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18th of December 2015 12:25 PM Link
All "Backwoods Sessions" videos available now on youtube. Also available on Spotify and iTunes.
http://smarturl.it/bws_spotify http://smarturl.it/bws_itunes
In other news, we're supporting Swallow the Sun on their Finnish tour in January on following dates:

7.1.2016 Turku (Logomo)
8.1.2016 Tampere (Klubi)
9.1.2016 Seinäjoki (Rytmikorjaamo)
22.1.2016 Lahti (Finlandia-klubi)
23.1.2016 Helsinki (Nosturi)

See you there!
14th of December 2015 02:36 PM Link
1. Dream Brother (Jeff Buckley cover)
http://youtu.be/e213y4Blnb4 2. Whiteout
http://youtu.be/QeTkHtUKUPo 3. My Rising Is Your Fall
http://youtu.be/TO-60IY3iyc 4. Words That Bear No Meaning
http://youtu.be/Sb5IQZXd0UE 5. Borrowed Eyes
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13th of December 2015 08:19 PM
"Blackout Whiteout" has been nominated for ”Best International Release of the Year” by Heavymetal.dk – The oldest hard rock and heavymetal online site in Denmark, since 1999.

Check out the nominees and vote!

11th of December 2015 01:40 PM Link
Backwoods Sessions, including Jeff Buckley cover "Dream Brother", now available on Spotify and iTunes. Check it out!

http://smarturl.it/bws_spotify http://smarturl.it/bws_itunes
10th of December 2015 07:51 AM Link
Coming up on Spotify...
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9th of December 2015 02:28 PM Link
Last video "Borrowed Eyes" from the Backwoods Sessions online now!
6th of December 2015 08:26 PM Link
4th of December 2015 01:29 PM Link
Winter is coming and T-shirts are here!

Check out the updated T-shirt selection from http://hanginggarden.bandcamp.com and wrap yourself in some limited edition Hanging Garden gear, including this Bird Woman model. Shipping worldwide!
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3rd of December 2015 09:41 PM Link
This is "Words That Bear No Meaning" from the Backwoods Sessions.
3rd of December 2015 11:29 AM Link
Need some t-shirts for winter? Of course you do! Wrap yourself in some limited edition Hanging Garden gear now exclusively on http://hanginggarden.bandcamp.com - shipping worldwide!
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2nd of December 2015 11:41 AM Link
Fourth video "Words That Bear No Meaning" online now via Inferno Magazine (www.inferno.fi)! One more to go.
29th of November 2015 01:10 PM Link
Double stamps for members from RecordShopX, today only!
Tänään kantiksille tuplaleimat X:stä.
27th of November 2015 02:34 PM Link
Here's "My Rising Is Your Fall" from the Backwoods Sessions.

New video out next Wednesday.
25th of November 2015 10:59 AM Link
"My Rising Is Your Fall" from the Backwoods Sessions online now via Inferno Magazine.
22nd of November 2015 08:13 PM Link
Here's "Whiteout" from the Backwoods Sessions.

New video out on Wednesday.
21st of November 2015 05:17 PM Link