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New EP Hereafter now available globally! Buy here


17th of August 2017 08:51 PM Link
New bundles available at our Bandcamp. Hereafter EP + Reaper Girl T-shirt only 15€.

Also available:
Blackout Whiteout vinyl and T-shirt 20€
Blackout Whiteout CD and T-shirt 15€.
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9th of April 2017 09:36 PM Link
Vocals nearly done! Sunday night recording session with another guest throat - Mr. Niko Kalliojärvi! (Humavoid, Amoral)
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3rd of March 2017 10:44 AM Link
Last night's rehearsal. Gig tonight! We're ready for you October Tide! #documentingisseriousbusiness #norwegianfishermanshouting
26th of February 2017 02:31 PM Link
Live next Friday at Bar Blackpool (Järvenpää) with October Tide and Author.

21st of February 2017 04:01 PM Link
Our friends from The Moth Gatherer are releasing a new EP called "The Comfortable Low".

This majestic piece is "This Providence of Bones" featuring Dennis Lyxzen (Refused/INVSN). Have a listen!
10th of February 2017 11:17 AM Link
I Was a Soldier (7") and Blackout Whiteout vinyls are selling out fast on Bandcamp. Various T-shirts running out of stock as well.

Act now to get your hands on these limited items!

26th of January 2017 01:42 PM Link
Vocal recording session for the next album with Mr. Joutsen from Amorphis! Sounding huge!
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25th of January 2017 08:26 PM Link
"At Every Door" is four years old today!

In celebration we've added some new items to our bandcamp:

At Every Door CD 8,95€
Blackout Whiteout CD 8,95 (Vinyl 13,95€)
I Was a Soldier 7" vinyl 5,95€

... and don't forget our January sale bundle:

Hereafter EP + Reaper Girl T-shirt 10€.
20th of January 2017 05:10 PM Link
If you're into electronic/ambient/synth sounds check out the new EP "Rehellisyydestä" by Haraamo including a remix "Muista seurata tulta" by our very own Jussi H.
17th of January 2017 05:16 PM Link
Toni doodled the magnificent beast that is Hanging Garden. A limited t-shirt concept perhaps? Any takers?
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16th of January 2017 02:58 PM Link
January SALE is on!

Grab yourself a bargain and order a discount bundle including Reaper Girl T-shirt (black/white) + Hereafter EP for 10 euros.
Available at hanginggarden.bandcamp.com/
10th of January 2017 03:21 PM Link
Toni made some initial freehand illustrations for the upcoming vinyl.
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3rd of January 2017 12:06 PM Link
"Hanging Garden ei ole enää mikään linjaansa hakeva jätkäporukka, mutta niin vaan kehitys on terävimmillään viiden raidan ep:llä Hereafter. Dynaamisesti ja jämptisti yhtye hakee kontrasteja melankoliseen pään riiputtamiseensa. Metallisuus tässä on pitkälle laulutekninen kysymys, vaikka bändiä sopii suositella esimerkiksi Katatonian nykytilaan pettyneille tai hiljaisuuteen vaipuneen Ghost Brigaden korvaajaksi. Tällä levyllä kierrätetään vierailevia solisteja, mikä osaltaan luo lisää eloa niin sävypalettiin kuin tyylillisiin ulottuvuuksiin asti."

Antti Luukkanen (Soundi 9/2016)
18th of December 2016 02:59 PM Link
On today's agenda: Bass!
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8th of December 2016 05:26 PM Link
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8th of December 2016 05:24 PM Link
6th of December 2016 04:00 PM Link
Today is independent Finland's 99th birthday. The attitudes and the general mood of public discourse is in a sad state, riddled with hate and xenophobia. Finland, as we wish you a brighter tomorrow, this song is dubbed "TOWARDS THE SUN".

"Towards the Sun" feat. Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow the Sun) is taken from the "Hereafter" EP (out now via Lifeforce Records).
5th of December 2016 04:42 PM Link
New video "Towards the Sun" out tomorrow!
1st of December 2016 11:16 AM Link
We're supporting October Tide in Järvenpää (Blackpool) on March 3rd as part of their "Nursed by Finland 2017" tour. See you there!
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26th of November 2016 07:26 PM Link
Our luminous keymaster.
25th of November 2016 11:38 PM Link
Haven't seen the new video yet? This is "Hereafter" featuring Riikka Hatakka on guest vocals. Check it out and see you tomorrow at Vernissa.

Doors open 2000
2100 Counting Hours
2200 Oddland
2300 Hanging Garden (with Riikka Hatakka)
16th of November 2016 10:39 PM Link
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16th of November 2016 10:39 PM Link
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16th of November 2016 10:14 PM Link
26.11. FALL of DEATH (Hanging Garden, Oddland, Counting Hours)@ Vernissa (Vantaa)

Jaa tapahtuma ja voita tuotepalkinto! Jakaneiden kesken arvotaan
1x Hanging Garden "Hereafter" CD + paita
1x Oddland "Origin" CD + paita
1x Counting Hours CD
15th of November 2016 11:21 PM Link
"So despite its depressive nature, Hanging Garden’s Hereafter proves to be an exciting listen and one that is absolutely worthy of your time."

Excellent review from No Clean Singing. Check it out!
10th of November 2016 09:03 PM Link
New video "Hereafter" out NOW! Directed by Julia Alakulju.

Hanging Garden live at Vernissa (Vantaa) with Oddland and Counting Hours on November 26th.
9th of November 2016 06:46 PM Link
New video "Hereafter", directed by Julia Alakulju, brought to you by Metal Hammer.

Check it out!
7th of November 2016 10:14 AM Link
Interview (in Finnish) with Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow the Sun) and Victor Wegeborn (The Moth Gatherer).

4th of November 2016 05:30 PM Link
New video "Hereafter", directed by Julia Alakulju, out on November 9th.

Hereafter EP + merchandise available at bandcamp.
31st of October 2016 08:39 PM Link
A great review from Terra Relicta, 8,5/10.

"Everything is about subtle, melancholic, atmospheric, heart rending sound that flirts with heavy and extreme when needed."

"One thing is sure, Hanging Garden have evolved musically so much over the years that I don't see any limits for them."
29th of October 2016 08:38 PM Link
We're playing live with Oddland and Counting Hours on November 26th at Vernissa club.
Take a look how we did last time we were there.This is Ten Thousand Cranes (live).
24th of October 2016 08:46 PM Link
"If you’re a fan of all their earlier albums, you will be happy to find that Hereafter will take you on a pleasant journey on how Hanging Garden has evolved musically over the years."

https://hanginggarden.bandcamp.com https://www.recordshopx.com/single/hanging_garden/hereafter/
22nd of October 2016 09:38 PM Link
Inferno, the leading metal magazine in Finland, gave "Hereafter" 4/5.

"Helvetin hyvä EP!"
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12th of October 2016 09:21 AM Link
11th of October 2016 01:54 PM Link
This is the second lyric video, Sirkle of Onan, from Hereafter EP. It features Mr. Victor Wegeborn from The Moth Gatherer on vocals.

Hereafter is out now!
https://hanginggarden.bandcamp.com/merch https://www.recordshopx.com/single/hanging_garden/hereafter/
Hanging Garden live at Vernissa (Vantaa) on November 26th with Counting Hours and Oddland.
10th of October 2016 12:44 PM Link
Soundscape magazine gave 9/10

"All in all, a fantastic EP. Hanging Garden are consistently good and Hereafter is testament to this. Already excited to see what they’ll cook up next!" - Natalie Humphries

https://hanginggarden.bandcamp.com/merch https://www.recordshopx.com/single/hanging_garden/hereafter/
9th of October 2016 08:10 PM Link
Review from Kaaoszine, in Finnish.

"Vierailijat on valittu hyvin, ja jokainen heistä tuo omanlaistaan vaihtelua taidolla rakennettuihin kappaleisiin. ”Hereafter” on tyylikäs, melankolinen ja syksyisen kuulas pienoisteos pimeisiin ja koleisiin iltoihin." 8/10
7th of October 2016 03:57 PM Link
90/100 review from Infernal Masquerade.

"Overall, Hanging Garden delivers a great EP release filled with excellent songs and guest appearances. If you like atmospheric music that is both melancholic and creative, look no further and get a copy of “Hereafter”."
7th of October 2016 10:01 AM Link
Inferno premiers our latest music video of the track "Sirkle of Onan" from the new EP!
3rd of October 2016 10:44 AM Link
Hereafter EP available for streaming at Inferno magazine.

Get your own copy from
https://www.recordshopx.com/single/hanging_garden/hereafter/ https://hanginggarden.bandcamp.com/
29th of September 2016 09:43 PM Link
29th of September 2016 03:23 PM Link
Excellent review from Greece. The only minus being that the EP is too short 🙂

Get your own from

https://hanginggarden.bandcamp.com/merch https://www.recordshopx.com/single/hanging_garden/hereafter/
26th of September 2016 12:34 PM Link
Forgot to post this yesterday but better late than never?

Our fourth album "Blackout Whiteout" was released year ago on September 25th and it featured Mr. Fredrik Norrman on lead guitar and Mr. Ville Sorvali on vocals.

Here's the first single, "Embers", featuring Fredrik Norrman. #hanginggarden #octobertide #moonsorrow
24th of September 2016 08:02 AM Link
In case you happened to miss this earlier, here's "Penumbra" (feat. Mikko Kotamäki from Swallow the Sun) from the upcoming "Hereafter" EP (out on October 7th).

Hereafter is available for pre-order NOW!

https://hanginggarden.bandcamp.com/merch https://www.recordshopx.com/single/hanging_garden/hereafter/
22nd of September 2016 12:05 PM Link
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22nd of September 2016 09:24 AM Link
While waiting for our new EP to be released, check out Counting Hours featuring members from Shape of Despair Official, The Chant, Rapture and Colosseum. Our very own Jussi H. has been busy mixing their demo. Although this is just a preview, it's already sounding great.

Hanging Garden and Counting Hours live at Vernissa (Vantaa) on November 26th. More info coming soon...
19th of September 2016 10:09 AM Link
"Hereafter on taiten rakennettu kokonaisuus, joka etenee alun runttaavammasta vaiheesta luonnollisesti lopun eteerisempiin tunnelmiin. Pikkukiekko saakin janoamaan lisää, sillä yhtye tuntuu olevan juuri nyt suorastaan tappavassa vireessä."

- Mika Roth (desibeli.net).

Hereafter available at

RecordShopX / LevykauppaX
15th of September 2016 11:27 AM Link
Hereafter EP also available at RecordShopX.
13th of September 2016 08:28 PM Link
To celebrate our upcoming EP "Hereafter", we have a new t-shirt "Reaper Girl" (black / white) available for pre-order.

Check out more details and order EP and/or t-shirt from Bandcamp now. Shirts will be shipped out on October 7th.
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12th of September 2016 04:28 PM Link
90/100 from Musika.be. Cheers!

"Het enige minpunt aan deze ‘Hereafter’ is dat dit geen langspeler is, de plaat doet je verlangen naar meer van deze Hanging Garden. Alle fans van het genre mogen deze niet laten schieten."

New EP Hereafter out now!

Hanging Garden Hereafter

Order CD digipack here!