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New album Blackout Whiteout now available globally! Buy CD / Digital



29th of November 2015 01:10 PM Link
Double stamps for members from RecordShopX, today only!
Tänään kantiksille tuplaleimat X:stä.
27th of November 2015 02:34 PM Link
Here's "My Rising Is Your Fall" from the Backwoods Sessions.

New video out next Wednesday.
25th of November 2015 10:59 AM Link
"My Rising Is Your Fall" from the Backwoods Sessions online now via Inferno Magazine.
22nd of November 2015 08:13 PM Link
Here's "Whiteout" from the Backwoods Sessions.

New video out on Wednesday.
21st of November 2015 05:17 PM Link
18th of November 2015 03:02 PM Link
Here's the second video, "Whiteout", from the "Backwoods Sessions".

Check it out!
18th of November 2015 02:59 PM Link
The second part of Backwoods Sessions - featuring the song "Whiteout" - now out via www.inferno.fi

Check it out!
12th of November 2015 11:43 AM Link
The first of five videos from our live Backwoods Sessions recordings featuring Jeff Buckley cover Dream Brother now online!

The rest will be released one by one every Wednesday via www.inferno.fi
11th of November 2015 09:34 AM Link
In July 2015 we recorded and filmed the live performance for five songs. The session, "Backwoods Sessions", took place in the woods of Pernaja in a location familiar from one of our earlier music videos.

The first video, released today via Inferno Magazine, is the Jeff Buckley cover "Dream Brother", which was arranged to portray the current sound of Hanging Garden. This was also our last performance together with drummer Antti Ruokola (2010-2015).

We will release rest of the videos one by one in the upcoming weeks.

Backwoods Sessions Tracklist:
1. Dream Brother (Jeff Buckley cover)
2. Whiteout
3. My Rising Is Your Fall
4. Words That Bear No Meaning
5. Borrowed Eyes
10th of November 2015 01:36 PM Link
Coming up soon...
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3rd of November 2015 03:32 PM Link
T-shirts are here!

To celebrate the upcoming vinyl release we offer you three new shirts, only 12€ + postage. This offer is for limited time only. We'll add the old shirts in few weeks and update the prices.

29th of October 2015 08:45 PM Link
"Blackout Whiteout" vinyl LP finally available for pre-order. Also available Vinyl LP + T-shirt bundle!

Order yours here http://smarturl.it/hgbowo_vinyl
More T-shirts coming up soon!
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29th of October 2015 01:50 PM Link
Thumbs up! This week we've mostly been editing the Backwood Sessions video. Will be released later this year via YouTube and Vimeo!
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28th of October 2015 04:30 PM Link
Finally some good news concerning the "Blackout Whiteout" vinyl...

It should be out in December and because of the huge delay we want to offer you a special package with new cover art, specifically designed for this release by Kalle Pyyhtinen (utudesign.net). The original art by the talented Lou Hisbergue will be displayed in the lyric sheet. We're terribly sorry for the delay.

More info about the pre-order and bundles coming soon!
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20th of October 2015 06:18 PM Link
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18th of October 2015 12:40 AM Link
New album "Blackout Whiteout" release gig completed. Thank you for sharing this night with us - we had a blast!
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17th of October 2015 11:44 AM Link
Live tonight at On The Rocks (Helsinki). Loads of merch on sale!

Doors open 2000
Unkind 2100
Hanging Garden 2200
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15th of October 2015 07:43 PM Link
Getting ready for the Saturday's gig (On The Rocks, Helsinki). Be there!
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15th of October 2015 06:00 AM Link
Check out the new video "Borrowed Eyes" (featuring Ville Sorvali from Moonsorrow) from the album "Blackout Whiteout".
14th of October 2015 08:59 AM Link
"What's not to love about Finnish doom/metalgaze outfit Hanging Garden?"

Niinpä! Tuolta siis uutta videota kehiin ja lauantaina Rocksiin keikalle.
13th of October 2015 10:06 PM Link
New video "Borrowed Eyes" (featuring Ville Sorvali from Moonsorrow), brought to you by Decibel Magazine.
12th of October 2015 12:52 PM Link
New single / video 'Borrowed Eyes' to premiere TOMORROW at Decibel Magazine!
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12th of October 2015 12:37 PM Link
"Man kann gar nicht anders, als diesen Finnen zu ihrer fantastischen Entwicklung zu gratulieren und noch einmal festzuhalten, dass die kritikbehaftete Vergangenheit keine Bedeutung mehr hat - denn mit diesem Album haben die Musiker von HANGING GARDEN ihr Potenzial zum ersten Mal vollkommen ausgeschöpft!"

9th of October 2015 11:34 AM Link
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6th of October 2015 08:05 AM Link
Review in Inferno Magazine (in Finnish)

"Albumin materiaali seuraa varsin hyvin nimeään. Se on sekä kirjavaa myräkkää ja myllerystä että kauniin unenomaista tajunnanmenetystä."
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28th of September 2015 02:47 PM Link
"Blackout Whiteout is not an album that you will put on to cheer you up. With its bleak and gloomy atmosphere and beautiful vocal delivery, it is an album you would put in when in a reflective mood. It is an album you will want to listen to, which means you should buy it."

25th of September 2015 05:18 PM Link
Out in Europe and digitally worldwide today!
Hanging Garden "Blackout Whiteout"
CD / Limited vinyl LP: http://smarturl.it/hg_preorder iTunes: http://smarturl.it/hg_itunes Spotify: http://smarturl.it/hg_spotify
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