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25th of July 2019 06:28 PM Link
"Penumbra" is the opening track on Hereafter EP (2016) which was our first recording with Sami Forsstén on drums and Riikka Hatakka on vocals.

Guest vocals on "Penumbra" by none other than Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow the Sun).
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11th of July 2019 03:50 PM Link
"Embers" was the first single from "Blackout Whiteout" (2015), featuring Fredrik Norrman (October Tide, Thenighttimeproject) on lead guitar.
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30th of June 2019 05:52 PM Link
It's in the mix! #dstudio #hanginggrdn #newalbum2019 #mixing #genelec
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28th of June 2019 10:46 PM Link
While recording the upcoming Hanging Garden album, Toni also did some guest vocals for the awesome US melodeath act Hinayana! Be sure to check them out and stay tuned for their upcoming release "Death of the Cosmic"!
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27th of June 2019 11:56 PM Link
Our producer/guitarist Jussi H. is working hard preparing all the tracks so we're ready for mixing on Saturday... but there's still time for some backing vocal mania!
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19th of June 2019 09:24 PM Link
And it would seem that we are done with recording vocals! Closing with Riikka's parts and some ad lib improvisation, it is finally time for the midsummer festivities and some well earned vocal rest... #vocals #hanginggrdn #newalbum2019 #studiotime #steinberg #genelec #semicrophones
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16th of June 2019 04:58 PM Link
Re-amping bass is hard work...
16th of June 2019 01:54 PM Link
Today’s agenda for our next album: the bottom end.
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15th of June 2019 07:45 AM Link
We're almost done!!!

This week has been all about drums. Sami nailed his parts in 3 days and it's sounding awesome, special thanks to F-Musiikki(Vantaa). Next up finishing vocals and mixing.
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27th of May 2019 08:43 PM Link
Recording vocals for our sixth album. Four songs done! Next up a few days of vocal rest. #hanginggrdn #newalbum
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3rd of April 2019 08:52 AM Link
Nino and Jussi H. are organizing an event called "April Apocalypse" next Saturday at Vernissa (Vantaa). We're not playing but there are cool bands (Festerday, The Moth Gatherer, Palehørse and Diablerie) you should definitely check out!

Tickets: https://liveto.fi/fi/tapahtumat/april-apocalypse/
27th of March 2019 12:02 PM Link
This is "Hearthfire", the last one from the Backwoods Sessions II.
19th of March 2019 08:53 PM Link
"One Hundred Years" from the Backwoods Sessions II, dedicated to our beloved Suomi Finland Perrrrrkele!
14th of March 2019 07:00 PM Link
Here's "As Above, So Below" (studio live) from Backwoods Sessions II. AASB was originally released as the opening track on our latest full length "I Am Become" (2017, Lifeforce Records).
8th of March 2019 11:48 PM Link
This is "Kouta" - track number one from Backwoods Sessions II (studio live) - released today!

8th of March 2019 11:48 PM Link
This is "Kouta" - track number one from Backwoods Sessions II (studio live) - released today!

8th of March 2019 10:43 AM
HANGING GARDEN "Backwoods Sessions II" out now on all digital platforms, new video on the Lifeforce Records YouTube channel! Hanging Garden #lifeforcerecords #doom #doommetal #melodicdoommetal #melancholicmetal #finnishmetal #melodicmetal
5th of March 2019 06:05 PM Link
Ennen (studio live), taken from "Backwoods Sessions II" (digitally released on March 8th).
4th of March 2019 06:49 PM Link
Ennen(studio live), from the Backwoods Sessions II, out tomorrow!
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26th of February 2019 06:43 PM Link

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22nd of February 2019 06:17 PM Link
Album VI taking shape... it's Fender time!
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8th of February 2019 03:21 PM Link
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8th of February 2019 03:21 PM Link
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31st of January 2019 10:00 PM Link
Who remembers this one?

... Something happened on a cold winter night in the middle of backwoods roughly 5 years ago...
25th of January 2019 10:45 PM Link
While waiting for new Hanging Garden material to appear check out Approacher - a cool new band including members of The Chant, Diablerie, Rapture, Minutian and Hanging Garden. They've got some new music coming out this Spring.

28th of December 2018 08:53 PM Link
Vocal pre-production for album VI is on!
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18th of November 2018 09:45 PM Link
Nähdään December Doom Vol.2 lauantaina 1.12.! Lavalla käyvät piipahtamassa Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow the Sun, Kuolemanlaakso) ja Niko Kalliojärvi (Humavoid, ex-Amoral), sekä Riikka Hatakka.

See you at December Doom on December 1st! Night's guest performances feature Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow the Sun, Kuolemanlaakso), Niko Kalliojärvi (Humavoid, ex-Amoral), and Riikka Hatakka.
2nd of October 2018 12:23 AM Link
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3rd of August 2018 05:49 PM Link
Tonight live with Callisto - awesome venue! Show starts at 20:00!
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23rd of July 2018 02:43 PM Link
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17th of July 2018 10:05 AM Link
We're supporting Callisto in Helsinki on August 3rd and we have our default stand-in guy Kimmo Tukiainen handling the guitar duties as Mikko Kolari can't make it to the show. Come say hi to Kimmo, he's awesome!

P.S. Elysium is back!
21st of June 2018 02:16 PM Link
Thank you @nummirock ! We had a blast! 🤘🏻 Photo by @krogonen #nummirock #hanginggarden
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19th of June 2018 02:56 PM Link
Nummirock 2018 is on tomorrow!!!

We're honoured to be the opening act for this years festival.

Showtime 2130, see you there!
10th of April 2018 10:43 AM Link
New song "November Dawn" out now!

Available digitally now on Bandcamp. Other digital platforms on April 12th.
Physical version available on tape via Deaf Sparrow:
9th of April 2018 04:56 PM Link
SPECIAL RELEASE coming up!!!

With a kind permission from Lifeforce Records we bring you a special cassette version of the 2017 album "I Am Become", featuring slightly new art and a bonus track "November Dawn" which is to be released later this week. The cassette comes professionally packaged and sealed with an orange shell and high-grade ferric tape for the sound. Only 5 USD + shipping.

Order now at
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6th of April 2018 09:18 PM Link
New song "November Dawn" out next week! Stay tuned!
4th of April 2018 03:50 PM Link
Throes Of Dawn to accompany October Tide at December Doom Vol.2!

ToD are celebrating the 15th anniversary of their fourth album Quicksilver Clouds, and will perform the whole album live for the first time ever.
11th of March 2018 04:48 PM Link
Making of "November Dawn" part III: Drums.

Good times, RIPPON!!!
#novemberdawn #beyerdynamicm130 #fmusiikkivantaa #yamahadrums
26th of February 2018 03:13 PM Link
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26th of February 2018 03:11 PM Link
Making of "November Dawn" part II: Bass.
#novemberdawn #fender #precisionbass #precisiondrive #horizondevices
17th of February 2018 09:13 PM Link
Soundcheck done at @lutakkoclub ! Special thanks to #fmusiikki Vantaa for helping us out with such a short notice 🙏🏻
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17th of February 2018 03:51 PM Link
On our way to @lutakkoclub to perform tonight with #hallatar - see you there!
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16th of February 2018 11:23 PM Link
Thanks @kaaoszine for the short clip - had a blast yesterday at @tavastiaklubi with #hallatar ! 🤟🏻 Who’s first to recognize this song? 😉
15th of February 2018 06:59 PM Link
With #hallatar tonight at #tavastia !
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14th of February 2018 11:05 PM Link
We're supporting Hallatar tomorrow at Tavastia (Helsinki) and on Saturday at Lutakko (Jyväskylä).

We'll perform a semi acoustic set with Kimmo Tukiainen (The Chant, Diablerie) handling the guitar duties since Mikko Kolari couldn't make it to these shows. We also have Riikka Hatakka joining us on stage for two songs and this song (Towards the Sun) will be included in the setlist.

See you at the shows!
12th of February 2018 07:29 PM Link
Brand new beautiful video "Ennen", taken from the album "I Am Become" (out now via Lifeforce Records).

The video features sign language student Riina Riekkola who translated the song into sign language and performs her beautiful and captivating interpretation on the video.
9th of February 2018 06:50 PM Link
Brand new video "Ennen" brought to you by Inferno Magazine.
1st of February 2018 03:07 PM Link
"Eve and the Snake", a new t-shirt design by Albin Sköld/Illusive Illustration + lots of merch and bundles available on Bandcamp.

Order a product within two weeks (last orders Feb 15th) and you'll get our new song "November Dawn" (out March/April 2018) for free as a digital download.
26th of January 2018 07:02 PM Link
Live tonight at Bar Loose (Helsinki) with Atlases and Besra.

Showtime 2130 (Hanging Garden 2300).
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22nd of January 2018 12:25 PM Link
Soundin arvio luettavissa.

"Eheä ja toimiva kokonaisuus, joka nousee tyylilajissaan vuoden parhaimpien julkaisujen joukkoon."

P.S. Seuraava keikka perjantaina 26.1. Helsingissä (Bar Loose). Mukana myös Atlases ja Besra.