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New EP Hereafter now available globally! Buy here


29th of September 2016 09:43 PM Link
29th of September 2016 03:23 PM Link
Excellent review from Greece. The only minus being that the EP is too short 🙂

Get your own from

https://hanginggarden.bandcamp.com/merch https://www.recordshopx.com/single/hanging_garden/hereafter/
26th of September 2016 12:34 PM Link
Forgot to post this yesterday but better late than never?

Our fourth album "Blackout Whiteout" was released year ago on September 25th and it featured Mr. Fredrik Norrman on lead guitar and Mr. Ville Sorvali on vocals.

Here's the first single, "Embers", featuring Fredrik Norrman. #hanginggarden #octobertide #moonsorrow
24th of September 2016 08:02 AM Link
In case you happened to miss this earlier, here's "Penumbra" (feat. Mikko KotamÀki from Swallow the Sun) from the upcoming "Hereafter" EP (out on October 7th).

Hereafter is available for pre-order NOW!

https://hanginggarden.bandcamp.com/merch https://www.recordshopx.com/single/hanging_garden/hereafter/
22nd of September 2016 12:05 PM Link
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22nd of September 2016 09:24 AM Link
While waiting for our new EP to be released, check out Counting Hours featuring members from Shape of Despair Official, The Chant, Rapture and Colosseum. Our very own Jussi H. has been busy mixing their demo. Although this is just a preview, it's already sounding great.

Hanging Garden and Counting Hours live at Vernissa (Vantaa) on November 26th. More info coming soon...
19th of September 2016 10:09 AM Link
"Hereafter on taiten rakennettu kokonaisuus, joka etenee alun runttaavammasta vaiheesta luonnollisesti lopun eteerisempiin tunnelmiin. Pikkukiekko saakin janoamaan lisÀÀ, sillÀ yhtye tuntuu olevan juuri nyt suorastaan tappavassa vireessÀ."

- Mika Roth (desibeli.net).

Hereafter available at

RecordShopX / LevykauppaX
15th of September 2016 11:27 AM Link
Hereafter EP also available at RecordShopX.
13th of September 2016 08:28 PM Link
To celebrate our upcoming EP "Hereafter", we have a new t-shirt "Reaper Girl" (black / white) available for pre-order.

Check out more details and order EP and/or t-shirt from Bandcamp now. Shirts will be shipped out on October 7th.
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12th of September 2016 04:28 PM Link
90/100 from Musika.be. Cheers!

"Het enige minpunt aan deze ‘Hereafter’ is dat dit geen langspeler is, de plaat doet je verlangen naar meer van deze Hanging Garden. Alle fans van het genre mogen deze niet laten schieten."
12th of September 2016 08:56 AM Link
First reviews (in Finnish) coming in...

Murska-arviot gave 4,5/5.

"Suhteellisen simppeleihin kappaleisiin on kontrasteja hyvÀksikÀyttÀen ladattu ÀÀrettömÀn lumoava ja hÀmÀrÀ tunnelma, ettei juuri parempaa soundtrackia syksylle voisi keksiÀ tai toivoa."
31st of August 2016 05:00 PM Link
New video "Penumbra" (feat. Mikko KotamÀki from Swallow the Sun) OUT NOW!

"Penumbra" is taken from the forthcoming EP "Hereafter", out on October 7th. Pre order NOW from Bandcamp.

23rd of August 2016 06:00 PM Link

Out on October 7th via Lifeforce Records.

1. Penumbra
featuring Mikko KotamÀki (Swallow the Sun)
2. Sirkle Of Onan
featuring Victor Wegeborn (The Moth Gatherer)
3. Hereafter
4. Where the Tides Collide
featuring Alexander Höbgom (October Tide & Centinex)
5. Towards the Sun
featuring Mikko KotamÀki (Swallow the Sun)
12th of August 2016 06:51 PM Link
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12th of August 2016 06:48 PM Link
Hanging Garden 2016. Photo by Kalle Pyyhtinen
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1st of August 2016 12:04 PM Link
This just in...


Out on October 7th! More details to be revealed soon...
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21st of May 2016 08:08 PM Link
Our beloved bassist Jussi K. got married today! We feel privileged and honored to share this evening of happiness with you.
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21st of May 2016 11:29 AM Link
Time for some final ingredients... And we're done!
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16th of May 2016 09:31 PM Link
Victor Wegeborn from The Moth Gatherer making his mark on our upcoming release... it's going to sound HUGE!!!

Check out The Moth Gatherer's awesome album The Earth Is The Sky!
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4th of May 2016 02:21 PM Link
Toni interviewed at length by Ruokola2 podcast. In Finnish only! Some talk about the upcoming release, and music in general.
3rd of May 2016 06:20 PM Link
Borrowed Throat: Mr. KotamÀki from Swallow the Sun contributing on the upcoming release!
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29th of April 2016 04:25 PM Link
#hanginggarden has arrived in #tallinn
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29th of April 2016 01:20 PM Link
On the way to Tallinn!
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28th of April 2016 10:11 PM Link
This is Alexander Högbom (October Tide, Centinex, Volturyon) done with the vocal recordings for our upcoming release. More details to be revealed soon!!!

See you tomorrow @ Rockstar's (Tallinn, Estonia).
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27th of April 2016 03:19 PM Link
April 29th@Rockstar's (Tallinn, Estonia) with Oceanwake.
5th of April 2016 09:12 PM Link
Something's cooking under the 250Hz!
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26th of March 2016 03:23 AM Link
Tampere by night! Picture by Suvi Toivonen
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25th of March 2016 08:18 PM Link
Tonight at Dog's Home (Tampere). It's going to be tight!

2230 Oceanwake
2330 Hanging Garden
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23rd of March 2016 03:07 PM
T-shirts selling out! Bird Woman T-shirt now officially sold out and only four left of our TEOTWAWKI-period Green Logo shirt
21st of March 2016 12:32 PM Link
Getting ready for the Easter's gigs!
10th of March 2016 10:52 PM Link
Just a reminder that the Blackout Whiteout white vinyl is finally available!

Get your own from


#436875" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://www.recordshopx.com/artist/hanging_garden/blackout_whiteout #436875
9th of March 2016 11:27 PM Link
April 29th@Rockstar's (Estonia) with Oceanwake.
6th of March 2016 09:21 PM Link
2nd of March 2016 06:35 PM
We just had a really limited supplement made to our t-shirt stock and there's two more of the sold out Bird Woman shirts left! Also some new sizes restocked with the other prints https://hanginggarden.bandcamp.com/merch/bird-woman-t-shirt
12th of February 2016 10:49 PM Link
Two shows coming up in Finland with the mighty Oceanwake.

24.3. Semifinal, Helsinki
25.3. Dog's Home, Tampere

This will be the last show in Helsinki for a while. Hope to see many of you there!
5th of February 2016 02:08 PM Link
Our talented guitarist/songwriter Mr. Mikko Kolari is celebrating his birthday today and the whole HG crew would like to congratulate him:


You can join the party tonight in Vernissa (Vantaa) where we'll perform with Crib45 and The Chant.
Doors open 2000
The Chant 2115
Crib45 2215
Hanging Garden 2315
4th of February 2016 11:31 AM Link
We're pleased to announce that we've made it to the finals at Terra Relictas album of the year contest! http://www.terrarelicta.com/index.php/featured/dark-music-awards/terra-relicta-awards-2015/5584-dark-music-awards-2015-the-finals
3rd of February 2016 09:05 AM Link
Here's some footage from our latest gig at Nosturi
30th of January 2016 09:50 PM Link
Blackout Whiteout is nominated as the best dark album of the year 2015. Vote now at
You'll find Blackout Whiteout in group 1.
28th of January 2016 01:34 PM Link
Photo by Tuomas Puikkonen
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25th of January 2016 02:01 PM Link
Awesome pictures from our gig on Saturday at Nosturi by the talented Tuomas Puikkonen!
24th of January 2016 01:24 AM Link
Tired but happy. Thank you Helsinki! See you soon...

5.2. Vernissa Whiteout (with The Chant and Crib45)
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23rd of January 2016 07:44 PM Link
Live now at Nosturi! Photo by @aleksimunter
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23rd of January 2016 03:47 PM
Remeber to arrive early today as we play already at 18.30 at Nosturi.

Huom! Saapukaa ajoissa Nosturiin tÀnÀÀn sillÀ soitamme jo 18.30
23rd of January 2016 01:56 PM Link
Thank you Lahti!

Last show with Swallow the Sun (and LIK - Sthlm) today at Nosturi, Helsinki. It will be an early show:

1800 Doors open
1830 Hanging Garden
1915 LIK
2000 Swallow the Sun

Don't be late!
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22nd of January 2016 08:28 PM Link
TÀnÀÀn Lahti! Showtime klo 21.

Blackout Whiteout vinyylit vihdoin myynnissÀ. Tsekkaa sen kunniaksi metalliluolan haastattelu levyn teosta.

21st of January 2016 10:54 PM Link
Two weeks ago @ Rytmikorjaamo, SeinÀjoki... It was freezing but we had a blast!

We continue tomorrow in Lahti and on Saturday in Helsinki with Swallow the Sun and LIK - Sthlm. Unfortunately our multitalented bass/moog specialist Jussi K. is forced to sit out these shows but lucky for us we have mr. Kimmo Tukiainen from The Chant and Diablerie to help us out.
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18th of January 2016 03:32 PM Link
Since there are lots of new faces here on our fb page we wanted to remind you to check out the Backwoods Sessions videos. This is Whiteout.

Come see us live with Swallow the Sun and LIK - Sthlm in

22.1. Lahti, Finlandia-klubi
23.1. Helsinki, Nosturi (early showtime, we play 1830!!!)
17th of January 2016 02:04 PM Link
Hei Lahti! Hei Helsinki!

Kuten Swallow the Sunin Mikko videolla toteaa, eilinen Oulun keikka oli loppuunmyyty ja tunnelma katossa. Tulkaa tekin ensi viikolla sankoin joukoin (ja ajoissa) paikalle. HelsingissÀ kyseessÀ siis alkuillan keikka.

22.1. LAHTI showtime:

2015 LIK
2100 Hanging Garden
2200 Swallow the Sun

23.1. HELSINKI showtime

1830 Hanging Garden
1915 LIK
2000 Swallow the Sun
14th of January 2016 09:04 PM Link
F I N A L L Y ! ! !
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New EP Hereafter out now!

Hanging Garden Hereafter

Order CD digipack here!